Pekin, Illinois | 1824-2024

What's Your Story?

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The one thing about history is that everyone, and everything, has one. In 2024 Pekin will celebrate its 200th birthday. As part of the Bicentennial experience, the volunteer Bicentennial Commission would like to encourage everyone in our community to document and share their story- their history. From parents to grandparents, professionals to parishioners, from government to organized groups, we’d like to hear your story and share it with others. Type it up or talk it up on a phone that converts words to text. It’s a chance to record your history and a legacy to leave to future generations. In 2024 you will hear plenty of Pekin History. Make it a year to capture yours. Listed below are some sample questions to provide you a starting point and possible guidance. You may also opt to upload audio or video files instead.

Sample Questions:
  • In what year were you born
  • Where did you live
  • What do you remember about growing up (or living) in Pekin
  • What schools did you attend
  • What classes did you enjoy the most or share your favorite memory of "school days"
  • What did you do for fun
  • Where did you hang out
  • How did you meet (mom or dad)
  • Where did our ancestors emigrate from
  • Where did they settle here in Pekin or surrounding areas and what brought them here
  • What in Pekin makes you the most proud
  • What do you think makes it special

When completed, please share your story with us. Your submission may warrant a podcast interview to share with the community during this historic year. Or, if you prefer to keep it private, please let me know that you completed the task so we can know that you are recording, and keeping, your story for generations to come.

Please click the link below to share your story or you can email it to

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