Pekin, Illinois | 1824-2024

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First Settler Arrives

First Child Is Born In 1827

First School Opens In 1830

Pekin Daily Times Founded

First Marigold Festival


Largest Park District in Illinois

Number of Streets in Pekin

Population in 2023

Did you know Pekin is known as the Marigold Capital of the World?

What's Your Pekin Story?

Tell us your Pekin story

We would love to hear your thoughts about what Pekin is, what Pekin was and what Pekin can be. Listed below are some sample questions to get you started.

Sample Questions:
  • • What do you like most about living in Pekin?
  • • What do you like to do in Pekin?
  • • What school do you attend and what do you like about it?
  • • Do you think you'll live in Pekin after you're done with school? Why/why not?
  • • If you were the Mayor of Pekin, how would you promote the city and community?
  • • Where in Pekin would you like to work?
  • • Did your parents attend Pekin schools? What's their favorite story or memory they've shared with you?
  • • What would you change (if anything) about Pekin?
  • • What would be a fun memory or story you would want to tell your kids in the future?
  • • What is your favorite event(s) you've attended in Pekin?
  • • If you wrote a book about Pekin, what would you title it?
  • • Do you know any famous people from Pekin? If so, who?
  • • What is your prediction of what Pekin will look like in 2074? 2124?

When completed, please share your story with us. Your submission may warrant a podcast interview to share with the community during this historic year.

- Gary Gillis, "What's Your Pekin Story" Podcast

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