Pekin, Illinois | 1824-2024


What's the Pekin Story

As taken from "What's the Story, Pekin" Hosted by Gary Gillis

Lincoln in Pekin

Join Gary as he discusses some of President Abraham Lincoln's days in Pekin with Jared Olar, the Local History Specialist at the Pekin Public Library.

Juneteenth, Nancy Leggins Costly, and Abraham Lincoln

Gary talks with John Ackerman about the upcoming 2023 Juneteenth Observation honoring Nance Legins Costley and William Costley.

Lakeside Cemetary Memories

Gary sits down with Jared Olar to talk about the history of the Lakeside Cemetary and also talks about tours that Jared hosts at the location.

Serving On The Kennedy Funeral Detail

A fascinating interview with Jim Deverman as he tells the story of being a part of the Funeral Detail while in the Coast Guard.

Pekin Native Dick Stolley - How he acquired the Zapruder film of the JFK Assassination, and was the Founding Editor of People Magazine

Gary and Jim Deverman talk about the JFK assassination, the video that was captured, and how that video was obtained by a local Pekin man.

Growing Up In Pekin

Gary continues his conversation with Jim Deverman about Jim's family history of coming to town and how it began.